Nationwide, Energy Performance Certificates

Residential Home Owners, Commercial Property Owners & Landlords

Wherever your property is situated in England, Wales and Scotland we will be able to assist you in obtaining a full and descriptive energy performance certificate.

The government introduced a scheme back on 21st May 2010 whereby any domestic or commercial property owner or landlord who wishes to sell, rent or lease their property, must have an up to date energy performance certificate to clarify the energy efficiency levels.

We can provide you with highly qualified and accredited energy assessors local to your area, this enables a quick turnaround and cost effective methods to obtain an EPC within a short timeframe.

After booking your EPC inspection, by completing the online form under our EPC Quote and Commercial Quote links or phoning us on 0203 397 8220 a local assessor will contact you to gather information and arrange a convenient inspection date.

For a domestic EPC, an assessor will contact you within 2 working days of booking and arrange an assessment date. The appointment date is usually within 2 working days or receiving the call. The turnaround for a commercial property is similar to that of a domestic in that your appointment is usually within 3 working days of order. Following the site visit, you can expect to receive your report the next working day. Issuing the certificate for a commercial may take slightly longer as the buildings are often more larger and more complex than a domestic property.

Once the inspection has been undertaken, the information is gathered and placed on a software package. Using a grading system, the energy performance certificate is processed and available for download through our ‘Track My Order’ link.

Prices for a domestic property EPC ranges from £34 and is dependent on the type, location and area of the building. Whereas prices start from £150 for the commercial property EPC.

This price can be negotiated if you are a landlord with multiple properties requiring inspection. An energy performance certificate is legally valid for 10 years, however if improvements are made to your property within this time, we advise that you have a new EPC carried out.

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Our property professionals are members of the relevant trade accreditation scheme.